Sample Page

Page Layout

The theme for this site is “Twenty-Twenty”. It offers three page types: Default Template, Cover Template, and Full Width Template.

Full Width Template runs text from edge to edge in the browser window. That is very hard to read and thus not suitable for this site.

The other two templates have a centered column for text that is about one half of the window width when the browser is full screen and relatively wider in smaller windows or on smaller devices. The two templates vary in how they show a “Featured Image”. Here are how they appear:

The Default Template is on the left, Cover Template on the right. For the main gallery pages the Cover Template is used.

For background we have chosen a light, neutral grey. (RBG:209,209,209). The black text is relatively easy to read on this background. The photography standard of 18% grey would look like this (RGB:130,130,130):

Display of Photographs

For our gallery there are several layout options. We can use the theme defaults or use plugins that provide a wide range of options.

The theme offers primarily three ways of showing photos.

Image Block

David Dunagan – Butterfly in Wetland

The Image block by default shows the caption below the image. The display size can be text-column wide, “wide” with narrow side margins, or full width. (More on that below). The image cannot be made a link to another way of showing the photo.


This option sets the images into colums. The column width varies and is not controllable. Clicking an image shows a “light box” with caption and EXIF data. The images are overwritten with a gray wedge showing the image caption.

Tiled Gallery

A tiled gallery can be the width of the text column, wide with just a narrow margins on either side, or full with, with no margins at either side in the browser window. The arrangement depends on the number of images in the “block” and also the aspect ratios of the individual images. There is no control over how the images are sized. More on this below.

The viewer has the option to click on the image and is presented with a manual advance slide show. On the slide show page the image title is shown under the photograph. On the right side some of the EXIF data is shown.

A tiled gallery may contain from one to to many more images. The images maintain their aspect ratios. They are shown in different sizes. The sizes will always be relatively the same. Here are examples:

One photograph

Two images:

Three images:
Four images:

Five images:
Six images:

When there are smaller images in the set, using the wider display may be more appealing.

Unfortunately, the Tiled Gallery option will always include some rather small images. That may seem to imply that those images are of lesser quality or appeal.

Intriguing view of a Vine growing up a large tree.