Eric Richter

A long time resident of Peachtree Corners. I am a chemist currently doing research into the separation and purification of compounds by chromatography techniques. I am a long time photography hobbyist who tries to take good in-camera photos. I attended high school and college in Atlanta.

Eric Richter – Fall Flowers
Eric Richter – Return of the Sun After Solar Eclipse

Eric Richter – Kids Sliding Down the Town Green Mound
Eric Richter – Widow Honors Her Veteran

Eric Richter – Trick or Treat

Eric Richter – Town Center Sunset

For an instant the sky colors lit up from the sunset.
Eric Richter – Blooms in February 2020

Tracey Rice

Tracey Rice

Tracey is the photographer you can trust to understand your needs and translate them into beautiful and impactful photographs, whether for personal or professional use.
Tracey combines her unique combination of global marketing expertise from a 33-year career at Fortune 100 companies like The Coca-Cola Company and Texas Instruments, with her technical expertise in commercial photography to assist her clients to create the perfect images for every need.
She specializes in people photography (portraits, head shots, families, seniors, and children), events, and real estate photography. She also provides private photography instruction and coaching.

Tracey Rice – Ghoulish Delight
Tracey Rice – Standing Tall and Pretty
Tracey Rice – Showing Off
Tracey Rice – A New Mother’s Love
Tracey Rice – The Miracle Litter!

Tracey Rice – Twilight On Highcroft
Tracey Rice – Relaxing Sunday At The River
Tracey Rice – Uh Oh… Busted!

Tracey Rice – Mmmm
Tracey Rice – Delectable
Tracey Rice – Me and My Buddy
Tracey Rice – Riding High
Tracey Rice – The Road Less Traveled By
Tracey Rice – Which One Should I Buy?

Tracey Rice – Goin’ To The Chapel
Tracey Rice – Air Popped
Tracey Rice – Hypnotized
Tracey Rice – Seduction
Tracey Rice – Wow, thanks Mom!
Tracey Rice – Princess
Tracey Rice – Take Off!
Tracey Rice – First Class
Tracey Rice – Better Shave While We’re Stopped!
Tracey Rice – Brothers Forever
Tracey Rice – Wings, Indeed!

Tracey Rice – Pushing Back The Hands Of Time
Tracey Rice – Missing Home Already
Tracey Rice – Bygone Era
Tracey Rice – Creature Comforts
Tracey Rice – Sittin’ Pretty
Tracey Rice – See You Next Spring!
Tracey Rice – White Velvet
Tracey Rice – ‘Ello, Gov’nor!

Tracey R. Rice – Protector

Taken on 1/24/15 of Gray and Pepper (a Kuvasz dog) at Jones Bridge Park. ISO 100, 50mm, 1/100, f/4.5
Tracey Rice – Sunning on the Big Rock
Tracey R. Rice – Catching Dinner?

Taken on 6/5/15 at 6:00pm of a fisherman in the Chattahoochee River at Jones Bridge Park. ISO 200, 300mm, 1/250, f/11.
Tracey R. Rice – The Spill of Light

Taken on 3/21/14 at 10:45pm in complete darkness on one of the bridges at Jones Bridge Park. ISO 100, 24mm, 142.0 sec, f/16. Used Canon Speedlights with gels and a flashing light saber to create the light painting effects.
Tracey R. Rice – Glowing Bench

Taken on 7/6/17 at 10:00pm in total darkness at Jones Bridge Park with a Canon EOS 5DS. ISO 400, 35mm, 30.0 sec, f/5.0 with light painting.
Tracey R. Rice – How Do I Look, Mom?

Taken on 1011/14 at the Norcross Arts Fest at Thrasher Park. It shows a boy looking in the mirror for the first time at his painted face. ISO 100, 70mm, 1/60, f/3.5.

Tracey R. Rice

Ludwig Keck

Ludwig Keck

Now retired from an engineering career that found me at the junctures of photography, electronics, and computing, I enjoy imaging the pleasant bits of the world around me. My spare time I devote to helping others in photography and computer skills.

Ludwig Keck – Exploring the River
Ludwig Keck – Happy Trail
Ludwig Keck – Kid’s Fishing Day

Ludwig Keck – Saturday Night in Peachtree Corners – Cafe Art
Ludwig Keck – Morning Swim
Ludwig Keck – Portrait of a Canada Goose
Ludwig Keck – Cabbage Blossom
Ludwig Keck – Model on the Set – PTC Workshop
Ludwig Keck – Sculptor guiding his work into place
Ludwig Keck – George

Ludwig Keck – Dancing at the Festival
Ludwig Keck – Portrait of the Tree Man
Ludwig Keck – Music Maker

Ludwig Keck – Texas Flood at the PC Town Green
Ludwig Keck – PC Concert – Texas Flood
Ludwig Keck – Girl With Blonde Hair
Ludwig Keck (c) 2020 LJK1d8b3 D