Rafael Garcia

Rafael Garcia

Rafael A. Garcia, recently retired Architect and lifelong amateur photographer. Experienced in 35mm, medium format, large format, film and digital. Prefer Landscape and Architectural/Travel subjects, but will experiment with any others.

Rafael Garcia – Geometry

Taken with a Leica IIF 35mm camera with a 35mm (wide angle) Color Skopar lens on June 7, 2008 at the Target store on State Bridge Road. Film was (probably) Kodak Plus-X (cannot find identifier on the negative roll, but I shot 35mm b&w with Plus-X ASA 100 film most of the time…). The scan is of a print, and was corrected with Corel PaintShop Pro.

Anna Niziol

Anna Niziol

Retired from ATT Wireless, play golf and tennis, love to take pictures for fun, amateur photographer, enjoy grandchildren (5), enjoy fun pics non portrait (too stoic), long term resident of PTC 32 years.

Anna Niziol – Walk in the park

Anna Niziol – Butterfly and Flower

Ken Hixson

Ken Hixson

After earning BA and MA degrees in journalism, I’ve been involved in photography for most of my working life. I have done freelance photography for various newspapers and magazines, owned studios and photo labs, and taught photojournalism at two universities. Now retired, my wife and I travel as much as possible and chase grandchildren around our Norcross home the rest of the time.

Ken Hixson – Hawk mantling over squirrel
Ken Hixson – Green Tree Frog

Hixson = Brown Thrasher
Hixson – After the school program

Ken Hixson – It’s a long way up
Ken Hixson

Ken Hixson – A Weed By Any Other Name
Ken Hixson – Pop Art Butterfly

Ken Hixson – Butterfly 1

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips has been an avid photographer since his high school days. I am a Professional Photographer with many diverse subjects and interests. My specialties are casual or formal portraits, candids, engagement photos, documenting everyday life situations and events. My intuitive style makes sure that your portraits reflect who you are. My look into this wonderful world usually has a note of humor in it. 

Garden Walks

Richard Phillips – GEHC Main Building
Richard Phillips – Bridal Shower – Delectable OTP
Richard Phillips – Storm Damage in Historic Cemetery – Dunwwody
Richard Phillips – Family Portrait in the Fall

Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Moody Headshot 2
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Moody Headshot
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Headshot 1
Richard Phillips – Daddy’s Adoration
Richard Phillips – Adoration of Dad
Richard Phillips – Who needs a sharp in focus moon?
Richard Phillips – GEHC – A gem of a place for Gwinnett County
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Fiddler on the Roof

Richard Phillips – I Love a Parade
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Enchanted April
Richard Phillips – Garden Goddess
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Enchanted April
Richard Phillips – Watching the Christmas Parade in PTC
Richard Phillips – PTC Festival 2018 – Henna Tattoo
Richard Phillips – Mother and First Born – 1
Richard Phillips – Mother and First Born 2

Kathleen Haisten

Kathleen Haisten

About 10 years ago when I had my first born, I realized I wanted to capture beautiful images of her that weren’t cell phone pictures. So I bought my first DSLR camera. It was cheap, but did the job. I learned that camera like the back of my hand. Over the years I had two more children and gained more knowledge of my camera and photography. Having a parent who is also a professional photographer, helped me gain the knowledge I needed to go into business.
I’ve always had a love for capturing moments in time, and the joy that comes with great pictures of your family is something I wanted to share with others. I have a natural gift when it comes to connecting with children and capturing them at their best. My life as a mom is busy and chaotic at times, but when I have these photo albums and framed pictures on my wall, they remind me that life is amazing and my family is incredible.

Kathleen Haisten – I want to hold your hand
Kathleen Haisten – Comfort
Kathleen Haisten – Dusty rays
Kathleen Haisten – Waiting for the storm to pass
Kathleen Haisten – Boys of Summer

Kathleen Haisten
Kathleen Haisten

Kathleen Haisten – Wild and Free

This is a photo of my daughter jumping on the massive rocks resting along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. I captured this at Jones Bridge Park in Peachtree Corners GA.
She is an adventurous, brave, independent girl and this moment captures her wild and free spirit.

Mario Lombardi

Mario Lombardi is a photo enthusiast and amateur photographer. His photography interest includes landscape, nature and abstract images.

Mario Lombardi
Mario Lombardi
Mario Lombardi – Winter is Coming

Mario Lombardi – Moon Song
Mario Lombardi – Sleeping Beauty
Mario Lombardi – Dandelion Diamonds

Mario Lombardi – Rose Light

Bob Chadwick

Bob Chadwick

Bob is a long time Peachtree Corners resident having moved to the area with his family in 1992. He is an avid hobbyist having started with film back in the 80’s and progressed through DSLR’s to mirrorless. He has shot a lot of sports in the past 10 years but is gradually moving to wildlife and landscapes. He was a staff photographer for the Gwinnett Stripers and has shot sports for the local high schools.

Bob Chadwick – Burnt Mountaineers
Bob Chadwick – Peachtree Corners Bridge

Bob Chadwick – Vickery Creek Dam

Bob Chadwick – Defending the Plate
Bob Chadwick – Ciarra
Bob Chadwick – Sentinel

Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick

Alfonso Caycedo

Alfonso Caycedo

After coming to the US in the early 70’s, Alfonso has been active in photography for almost fifty years. He completed the Photography Program at Fairfield University in Connecticut, graduating in 1977.
For many years he was owner and operator of commercial and fine art photo labs, working with some of the best known photographers in Georgia.
Also an avid photographer in many genres, he has won numerous competitions and his work has been in exhibits at art galleries in Atlanta and other cities.

[Photo by my 9 year old grandson Graham Caycedo.]

Alfonso Caycedo – Our new landmark. The bridge at Peachtree Corners
Alfonso Caycedo – The walkway on the bridge

Alfonso Caycedo – Portrait of a Model
Alfredo Caycedo – Dragonfly on a Leaf
Alfredo Caycedo – A Dragonfly

Alfonso Caycedo – Portrait of an Eagle
Alfonso Caycedo – Butterfly Swallow Tail
Alfonso Caycedo – Fishing fun at the river.
Alfonso Caycedo – Rower at the Hooch
Alfonso Caycedo – Portrait of a Hawk

Alfonso Caycedo – Fisherman in fog
Alfonso Caycedo – Father and sons fishing
Alfonso Caycedo – Flying Cormorant

Brian Walton

Brian Walton

Brian pursues photography as an art form as well as a vehicle to capture moments in time to help preserve the legacy of people, places and things. Passionate about portraits, fashion, macro photography, experimental techniques and editing with a focus on turning every subject into something interesting and beautiful. Enjoys teaching others as well as constantly learning and applying refinements of ways to shape and capture light, compose, and color grade. Follow him on https://www.instagram.com/briantakesphoto/

Brian Walton – Dad Can Fix Anything
Brian Walton – Portrait of Jim Stone

Brian Walton – Under A Happy Tree

Brian Walton – 12 Gummi Flavors
Brian Walton – Fall By The Pond
Brian Walton – Dog Portrait
Brian Walton – Dippy Bird Goes to Town

Brian Walton – Haylee B&W
Brian Walton – Reflection
Brian Walton – Listen to Victor

Brian Walton – Derek and Jerry
Brian Walton – Upside Down
Brian Walton – Stand Off (Tytan Photo Workshop)
Brian Walton – Kenzie blue background
Brian Walton – Haylee

Brian Walton – Haylee untitled
Brian Walton – Floating in a Sea of Flowers
Brian Walton – The Relics
Brian Walton – untitled
Brian Walton – Derek at the Guitar Room
Brian Walton – The Guitar Room
Brian Walton – Fun on the Ledge
Brian Walton – Bee on Flowers
Brian Walton – What Are You Looking At?

Brian Walton – PTC Kids Jump for Tytan
Brian Walton – Brown-Headed Cowbird
Brian Walton – Meg’s Flower
Brian Walton – Sunflower
Brian Walton – Anna at Simpsonwood
Brian Walton – Baby Lantana
Brian Walton – Backyard Rose
Brian Walton – Carol’s Rose
Brian Walton – Mojitos Guitar and Keys

David Dunagan

David Dunagan

David has lived in Peachtree Corners for 32 years. Once he retired in 2014, he took up photography as a hobby, with an emphasis on nature photography. He also enjoys canoeing, hiking, trips to the Smokies, and volunteer work with the Gwinnett County Juvenile Court’s Youth Diversion Program. That initiative gives first-time youthful offenders a chance to start over with a clean slate rather than getting embroiled in the justice system. He also enjoys tackling photo and video projects for his friends and family, especially his two great-nephews up in North Carolina. David is Vice President of the PCPC.

David Dunagan – Bluebird with Dogwood Berries
David Dunagan – Bluebird on Icy Morning
David Dunagan – Feathers, Fury, and Fear
David Dunagan – Batman
David Dunagan – Woodsy
David Dunagan – Big Buck in Woods

David Dunagan
David Dunagan

David Dunadan – The Frog Nebula
David Dunagan – Bluebird with Twig
David Dunagan – Bluebird with Snack
David Dunagan – Bluebird with Autumn Leaves
David Dunagan – Pollinator with Gold Dust

David Dunagan – Scoop and Release

David Dunagan – Merganser Goes for the Gold
David Dunagan – Cormorant Bath and Shower
David Dunagan – Predator Stare
David Dunagan – Geese Headed Upstream

David Dunagan – Great Blue Heron
David Dunagan – Robin in Park
David Dunagan – Casting Upstream

David Dunagan – 3 Anglers at Dusk
David Dunagan – Flyfishing at Jones Bridge Park
David Dunagan – Feeding Baby
David Dunagan – Cardinal
David Dunagan – Sir Winston
David Dunagan – Butterfly in Wetland
David Dunagan – Summer Tanager, Simpsonwood Park
David Dunagan – Ring-necked Ducks on Pond
David Dunagan – Mallard on Mound in River
David Dunagan – Red Canoe and Guests
David Dunagan – Snowy Doe
David Dunagan – Gray Catbird
David Dunagan – Hooded Merganser on Pond
David Dunagan – Bumbly Bee
David Dunagan – Cedar Waxwing Feeding on Berries