Mike Walker


“A Photographic Tribute to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris in Black & White” The photos in this submission were taken during two different trips to Paris. The first in May of 2007 and the second in September of 2017. The sequence starts from the plaza in front of the towers/entrance of the cathedral and proceeds counter-clockwise around the building for photos #1-#8. Photo #9 was taken from the Pont de l’Archevêché to the immediate southeast of the cathedral, and photo #10 was taken from a boat on the Seine river at sunset.

Mary Pradhan

Pictures from a fabulous trip to Argentina and Antarctica from a novice photographer – enjoy!

Kenneth Stewart

I consider myself an Intermediate Hobbyist Photographer. I grew up in a house with a dark room. Started shooting with film in my late twenties and now thirty years later have three Canon digitals. I continue to do workshops and classes. My favorite things to photograph are Nature, Wildlife, MACRO, and landscapes. These photos are a variety of different things. I hope you enjoy them.

Kathleen Gilmore

Kathleen has been an active photographer for 20+ years. Her style is to bring out the unexpected from everyday things. She prefers nature, candid and photojournalist style photography. Behind the lens she enjoys capturing the emotion of the moment.

Julian Buckmaster


I love to wander the world enjoying new sites, sounds, smells and exploring new foods. I explore off the beaten track looking for interesting people, perhaps engaged in everyday activities which appear unfamiliar or novel to me. In 2018 my wife and I retired early then headed to India and Southeast Asia for an extended period, where I made this collection of images.

David Schilling

David Schilling

David began his photography business, Schilling
Photography, in 1983 creating images for a variety of
magazine editors, art directors, graphic designers and
business owners. Over the years, He successfully
incorporated the evolution of photography from film to
digital along with the amazing capabilities of computer
editing. This gave him great joy in the creative process of
the assignment work that he produced. And as a bonus,
while traveling with his wife, he began building a portfolio of
stock photography that includes a wide range of images.

The sense of accomplishment I get when taking a great photograph still motivates and inspires me.


Chuck Cimarik


Photography helps me see life around me. I have been asked “what’s your theme” and have been stuck for an answer. I didn’t shoot with a theme in mind. But I started a 365 project several years ago and found my theme – “Grateful”. This project opened my eyes to the magnificently varied world we live in. It’s truly amazing how much we overlook as we wander through life. I hope you enjoy my perspective

Aldridge Murrell

Aldridge Murrell

I have been living in Peachtree Corners since 1993. Born in Panama, grew up in Brooklyn, USMC Vietnam Veteran. I got into photography from father, got serious traveling to Europe, Australia, Africa and South America. Attended the Art institute of Atlanta to learn about different aspects of photography.


Aldridge Murrell – Still

Vipul Singh

Vipul Singh

Vipul Singh is a practicing pulmonary and critical care physician with TPSMG Kaiser Georgia, who recently moved to Peachtree Corners. He started learning basic photography after attending a summer learning program at York College, Pennsylvania.
Vipul likes to explore local landmarks, scenic locations and capture something that showcases a spot at its best. He likes long exposure photography, low light photography and cityscapes.
Photography brings out some magic in everyday life. It creates emotions, feelings and memory. Vipul tries to create a photo that will bring the best of these elements from a place in viewers.

Vipul Singh – God is in the details
Vipul Singh – Slow glide

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson

Grew up in Minnesota, but have been in Atlanta since 1984. I have 5 grown children and only recently got serious about photography as a hobby. Bought my first MILC in late 2015 and went to a Sony full-frame in 2019. I especially love casual people shots and see my craft as a way to accomplish random acts of kindness.


This year, as I did in 2021, I took advantage of some night-time/early-morning local fog to capture some moody lakeside images. Sports action also remained a favorite suspect of mine. What was especially rewarding (portfolio-wise) was a beach trip – my first since getting serious about photography over 5 years ago. I also have had the chance to shoot a local, high-production concert. So, I hope you enjoy my best-of-2021 (so far) images.

Paul Peterson – Feeling like I struck gold!
Paul Peterson – Summer time fun
Paul Peterson – We ♥ You!
Paul Peterson – Time to bunt
Paul Peterson – Just waiting for us

Paul Peterson – Flowers at sunset
Paul Peterson – Another adventure before the sun sets
Paul Peterson – Hold that head high
Paul Peterson – Happy-go-lucky
Paul Peterson – Warming this night with color
Paul Peterson – I’m home!

Paul Peterson – Sitt’n pretty
Paul Peterson – Did you bring the towel?
Paul Peterson – Walk’n in a Winter Wonderland
Paul Peterson – Lit by Sunset
Paul Peterson – I Got It!
Paul Peterson – Love’n that soft-landing assurance
Paul Peterson – No. You have to aim your mouth up THIS way!
Paul Peterson – A nice dog like you needs protection in a neighborhood like this

Rafael Garcia

Rafael Garcia

Rafael A. Garcia, recently retired Architect and lifelong amateur photographer. Experienced in 35mm, medium format, large format, film and digital. Prefer Landscape and Architectural/Travel subjects, but will experiment with any others.

Rafael Garcia – Geometry

Taken with a Leica IIF 35mm camera with a 35mm (wide angle) Color Skopar lens on June 7, 2008 at the Target store on State Bridge Road. Film was (probably) Kodak Plus-X (cannot find identifier on the negative roll, but I shot 35mm b&w with Plus-X ASA 100 film most of the time…). The scan is of a print, and was corrected with Corel PaintShop Pro.

Anna Niziol

Anna Niziol

After her retirement, Anna was inspired to explore photography as a serious hobby. She enjoyed looking through her past and present pictures of her travels. Joining the PCPC gave her the opportunity and to both continue learning and share them with a wider audience. Her favorite subjects are scenes of nature. 

When she isn’t taking pictures, Anna enjoys golf, tennis, and yoga. She also loves to spend time with her five grandchildren and has lived in PTC for 32 years. 

In my photography, I feel like a kindergartener again — starting from square one! I love to learn and try new things, like editing pictures or looking for certain things when I take pictures. My theme is “my secret garden through the travels of my eyes.”

Anna Niziol – Walk in the park

Anna Niziol – Butterfly and Flower

Ken Hixson

Ken Hixson

After earning BA and MA degrees in journalism, I’ve been involved in photography for most of my working life. I have done freelance photography for various newspapers and magazines, owned studios and photo labs, and taught photojournalism at two universities. Now retired, my wife and I travel as much as possible and chase grandchildren around our Norcross home the rest of the time.

Ken Hixson – Hawk mantling over squirrel
Ken Hixson – Green Tree Frog

Hixson = Brown Thrasher
Hixson – After the school program

Ken Hixson – It’s a long way up
Ken Hixson

Ken Hixson – A Weed By Any Other Name
Ken Hixson – Pop Art Butterfly

Ken Hixson – Butterfly 1

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips has been an avid photographer since his high school days. I am a Professional Photographer with many diverse subjects and interests. My specialties are casual or formal portraits, candids, engagement photos, documenting everyday life situations and events. My intuitive style makes sure that your portraits reflect who you are. My look into this wonderful world usually has a note of humor in it. 


I enjoy many aspects of photography, but especially relish Travel and Landscape , Casual Portraits, and Street Photography. This gallery represents a smattering of my favorites.

Garden Walks

Richard Phillips – GEHC Main Building
Richard Phillips – Bridal Shower – Delectable OTP
Richard Phillips – Storm Damage in Historic Cemetery – Dunwwody
Richard Phillips – Family Portrait in the Fall

Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Moody Headshot 2
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Moody Headshot
Richard Phillips – Lionheart Theatre – Headshot 1
Richard Phillips – Daddy’s Adoration
Richard Phillips – Adoration of Dad
Richard Phillips – Who needs a sharp in focus moon?
Richard Phillips – GEHC – A gem of a place for Gwinnett County