Entry Information

The form below is used to supply additional supplementary information for a photograph. Information is required for your first photo (a portrait of yourself) and is optional for all subsequent photos.

For each photograph submitted you may provide the information requested on the form below. Be very timely, careful and thorough as this information will be used to identify and describe your work.

The Caption / Title you supply on this form will become the caption shown to the public with your photo.

Note: If your image file includes a caption or title you do not need to supply this information separately.

The Description / Statement will be shown under your photograph on your portfolio page. It should not be longer than approximately 80 words.

Note: For your first photograph – a portrait of yourself – the Caption / Title must be your name as you want it to be shown and the Description / Statement must be a short bio, 40 to 80 words.

Make sure that the Photo File Name is truly that of the intended photograph. This is how the text is matched to the photograph.

Do not supply additional information using this form if the corresponding photo is no longer in your upload folder.

Please note: After you click the SEND INFORMATION button you will be shown a summary of what you sent. There will be a go back link to return to this page to allow you to send information about other photographs. When you are finished just close the window.