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Welcome to our exhibition!

Enjoy the work of our photographers interpreting the sights of our community.

To learn more about a photo, just click it. It will be shown in a light-box along with the photographer’s name and additional information. Scroll down to see picture data on the right and to find the option to view the image full screen.

Our most recent additions


Our Photographers

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In a photographer’s section below, click the name or the portrait to visit the portfolio page and to learn more about the photographer.

Alfonso Caycedo

Bob Chadwick

David Dunagan

Rafael Garcia

Kathleen Haisten

Ken Hixson

Ken Hixson

Ludwig Keck

Mario Lombardi

Aldridge Murrell

Anna Niziol

Paul Peterson

Richard Phillips

Tracey Rice

Eric Richter

Vipul Singh

Brian Walton